After graduating in May of 1997 from UMBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Imaging and Digital Arts, Robert Fletcher worked as a freelance webmaster designing and programming websites for a number of clients.

Once that well had dried up Robert joined the Marketing and Art Department at Take 2 Interactive as a Webmaster and 3-D Artist. During the early days at Take 2 Interactive, he was either designing or programming a website or creating banner ads or modeling something in 3-D for a game. One day he was given the choice to either join the Art Department or the Marketing Department (commonly referred to as "The Dark Side"). He chose "The Dark Side". Robert became the North American Webmaster for Gathering (AKA - GoD Games or Gathering of Developers).

During his time at Take 2 Interactive he was given the opportunity to work with a number of companies including MTV, Ford, Alienware, Rockstar Games, Breakaway Games, Psygnosis, Illusion Softworks, IGN, Gamespy, Gigex, and many more.

Shortly after leaving Take 2 Interactive, Robert did some Freelance work for various clients until finding a spot on the interactive team as a Web Developer for Carton Donofrio Partners, a full service advertising agency.

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