Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Avatar the movie - Best movie ever made?

If you haven’t seen Avatar yet, go see it now. Probably one of the best movies ever made. James Cameron hits another home run. The man is a genius.

So what makes Avatar such an awesome movie. 1. Excellent visuals. The entire world is 100% believable.  The plants, the animals, The People. 2. The story is amazing. Brilliant writing + brilliant effects = Capital A AWESOME movie. 3. The movie is long, I think its close to 3hrs. But believe me, you won’t mind. Its never dull.  4. Did I mention that it was in 3D? wow, i remember when i was a kid and we have 3D movies that were in “black and white” and you had to wear those funny red lense, blue lense cardboard glasses. This is a huge step up from that. Imagine, the absolute very best special effects with the very best 3D?  This was an amazing movie. Its one that you have to see in the theatres too—Blu-ray will be better and DVD won’t do it justice. See it in the theatres dammit!  So, I spent 3hrs of my life on sunday just saying the word “Wow!” every 5 minutes. That’s how good it is.

Fans of the special effects used in the movie Beowolf will be quite pleased.  Its not the same effect, but definitely along the same lines.  You will not believe your eyes.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Merry Christmas a week late…

A couple of weeks ago the east coast got slammed with a rather large snow storm.  I think we got 20 inches in my state.  Wow, i think in my life that is the most snow I have ever seen all at once.

So that weekend we had tickets to go see a Christmas show. The show was cancelled and postoned to Jan 2nd, 2010. So, my family, my girlfriend and I went and saw the show. Damn, it was great!  I felt like it was Christmas all over again. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.  We saw White Christmas at a dinner theatre. An excellent show. The singing was great, the performers were top notch. In case you don’t know how dinner theatre works, it goes something like this.  All of the actors/acrtress are also your waiters / waitresses.  So, you first sit down and get to eat a nice salad if you so choose. Your waiter comes around and serves the drinks. The food is served buffet style. Your waiter, also being an entertainer, is very lively and extra friendly. It makes for a great atmosphere and something you pretty much can’t get anywhere.  The food part lasts about 2 hours and then the lights go down and the show begins.  The show was fantastic. I’d give it a 5 out 5 stars. The first part of the show was about 1.5hrs long and there was a brief intermission. During the intermission, the actors / waiters come around and serve drinks again. Can you imagine doing that? These guys don’t get a break for 4 hours they are really bustin ass. Running to get drinks, doing a show and then running to get more drinks. These people work extra hard.

The evening started around 6pm and we made it home by 11pm. It was a great night and it was extra awesome to share it with the wonderful people I was fortunate enough to go with.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!

Let’s party like its not 2009 anymore!

The year is 2009, but only for one more day!

We survived another year and I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to completing several projects I have in the works for 2010.  I plan to kick ass and take names in 2010.  You will see because I will post my goodness here. You are sure to enjoy the ass kicking that is coming your way cheese

Happy New Years!

until next time….

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Welcome to MYCFMX!

Welcome to ijwebsites! Glad you made it to my little place on the net. This is the personal website for Robert Fletcher. Who is Robert Fletcher? Read the about me page to find out!

Welcome to MYCFMX (aka ijwebsites). Glad you made it to my little place on the net. This is the personal website for Robert Fletcher. Who is Robert Fletcher? Read the about me page to find out!

Read the about page here

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