Friday, April 01, 2011

CFX_GZIP - compress and decompress gz libraries with Coldfusion

CFX_GZIP is custom tag written in C++ as a DLL for the Windows Platform.  I recently needed a way to decompress some .gz files on my server and this did the trick for sure.  This article is about how to install it because the documentation does not include this part.  Installing CFX Tags is very easy as you will soon find out.

Step 1.  Go to the Coldfusion Exchange on, here.

Step 2. Download the zip file. (You may have to login with your adobe username/password. This extension is free.)

Step 3. Extract the contents of the zip file. (You should have 1 .DLL file and 1 index.cfm file.)

Step 4. Next you’ll need to place the .DLL file on your server. Either use remote desktop or ftp to upload it.  I used Remote Desktop and dropped the .DLL into the C:\ColdFusion8\cfx\ folder on my server.

Step 5. You’ll need to access the Coldfusion Administrator, Click the Extension, Click CFX tags.

Step 6. Click Register C++ CFX.

Step 7: In the Tag Name field type “cfx_gzip”.

Step 8. In the Server Library .dll field, copy and paste the path to the DLL file. My path was C:\ColdFusion8\cfx\CFX_GZIP.DLL.

Step 9. I opted to note mess with Procedure or Description and i kept the checkbox “checked”.

Step 10. Press Submit.  And you’re all set to start using the tag.

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