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Webfolio Updated!
DATE: 09-26-2004 Posted By: Rob
After several months of ignoring and not updating my site I finally decided to take a break from real life and make a quick and easy update. I had noticed some months back that for whatever reason some of the sites I had built at my last job weren't working anymore. I decide to a screenshot of each website from my personal archive and post it to the site. The result, you shouldn't see anymore broken links in the Webfolio section.
  • Webfolio section updated - check it out!

  • Poser 5 Tutorial Posted!
    DATE: 02-23-2004 Posted By: Rob
    Are you a Poser 5 beginner???

    Are you interested in finding out about the Hair Tool? I wrote a quick tutorial that should get you started in the right direction!

  • Let me read your Poser 5 Hair Tutorial for Beginners!

  • Great PHP Book!
    DATE: 02-01-2004 Posted By: Rob
    I bought the first edition of Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL by Kevin Yank.

    The book covers many great topics and shows real world examples. Its a great book for beginners to advanced.

    If you want to learn PHP and mySQL from installing PHP & mySQL to programing a website similar to this one then this is the book to get.

    Visit the link below and read what others have to say about the book.

    Currently the book has an overall rating of 4 out of stars on Amazon.

  • Order Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL, 2nd Edition from Amazon

  • More Gallery Goodies Added!
    DATE: 01-28-2004 Posted By: Rob
    More Banner Ads added to the Gallery section. Have a look.
  • See the ever growing gallery

  • The Gallery has some new stuff!
    DATE: 12-18-2003 Posted By: Rob
    So, I've been slaving away at the computer all week finishing the Gallery section and the admin tools to go with it.

    All this week I'll be adding more and more stuff to the Gallery so have a look.

  • See the new goodies in the Gallery

  • Register Today!
    DATE: 12-15-2003 Posted By: Rob
    Howdy folks! The latest addition to my website is finally here. I setup a short form that will allow you to keep informed of the latest updates to my website. I'll be sending out an email every once in awhile.
  • Register today my friends! Many updates are on the way!

  • We got Tutorials just for you!
    DATE: 02-23-2004 Posted By: IJoeR
    This section will be dedicated to a number of subjects from PHP to Poser to Photoshop to 3D.

    1. Look here for the latest Tutorials news.

    2. Use the menu on the right to load the tutorial you want to read.

    3. If you find the tutorials to be useful, you can help support my website by purchasing something through my Amazon search box. Simply type in what you want to buy and click the 'go' button.

  • Request a tutorial by email, just drop me a line!

  • Webfolio Section Added!
    DATE: 12-13-2003 Posted By: Rob
    I added a new section called 'Webfolio' which displays all the websites I have designed over the last few years.

    Currently, I am working as a freelance webmaster. I'm available for work immediately so if you have a task that needs doing don't hesitate to ask.

  • Want to see the complete list? Click here.

  • Welcome to IJWEBSITES!
    DATE: 05-13-2003 Posted By: Rob
    Welcome to ijwebsites! Glad you made it to my little place on the net. This is the personal website for Robert Fletcher. Who is Robert Fletcher? Read the about me page to find out!
  • Find out about me!